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Choosing An Artistic Family

Updated: 4 days ago

Not so very long ago while watching an episode of the Draftsmen podcast, I was introduced to the concept of adopting my "artistic parents". As a quick bit of background, my biological family is all very artistic. We manifest it in different ways - mostly music for the menfolk, while mom was a more visual creator like myself.

The idea in choosing artistic parents (or indeed, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents - as many as are needed) is to help guide one into exploring what moves and inspires them. I've elected to broaden this to include architects for one reason; to quote Frank Lloyd Wright, "...architecture is the mother art".

While I did take classes involving art history in college, I never gave them the weight they deserved. As I am choosing my curriculum for 'home art school', I love to dig in on this kind of project and have explored the lives and work of over twenty artists now.

Instead of trying to cram a bunch of people into one post, I thought it would be much more fun to have a series that I can revisit. Today I'd like to share my appreciation for Sir Frank Brangwyn, who was talented in far more than drawing and painting. This is just a small sampling of some favorites, I hope it will inspire you to look for more too.

The Swans, 1921

Entry of the Welsh Troops into Jerusalem, 1920-1931

Sailing Ships at Sea, ???? What's your favorite Brangwyn? If you're not a fan, who is your current art crush?

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