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"Slow is smooth, smooth is fast"

Updated: Jul 11

About six months ago, I decided to pursue becoming a career artist while still working part-time. My problem was that after decades of neglect, the skills felt a bit rusty. Trying to draw a portrait for a friend, I became more frustrated with what I saw was a loss of the talent I used to have. After three sketch attempts at various profiles and angles, I threw up my hands (temporarily, I will finish it yet!) and latched on to the only thing I could think of - education. I'm still figuring out all the details and what works best for me, but everything is going well so far. I've been thinking more about my art process today, particularly when exploring new methods as I learn about artists and genres throughout history. I've enjoyed doing more landscape and slightly architectural pieces since the start of the new year, but I've learned I can go off the deep end of detail and lose myself for a couple of weeks in one piece. That's all well and good if you're a 16th-century artist with a patron, but in today's world, not everyone has that sort of luxury of time. I have been considering a themed series for several weeks now and the first image has been a lot of all-over-the-place experimentation. (The other two will probably go much more easily - I hope!) I always remind myself that I'm a student as much as a creator right now, and it is important to take time for practicing as much as producing. More on this soon. If you have started a path of your own and wish to share, I would love to hear about it! đź’š Today's featured artwork is my 2016 piece, Toro I.

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